How to Stop Website Notifications in a Browser

Website browser

Sometimes it appears annoyed when notifications appear from the website when opening search engines such as Google Chrom e, Mozilla Firefox , or Safari .

But still, there are steps to stop the website from giving these notifications. Quoted by The Verge , here’s how:

1. Stop notifications on Google Chrome

  • Click the dot three in the browser on the right hand corner and select ‘settings’
  • Scroll down and click’ Advanced ‘then click’ Site Settings’
  • Select ‘Notifications’
  • Click’ Ask before sending (recommended) until it changes to writing ‘Blocked’
  • You can determine which websites you still want to send notifications by:
  • Click ‘Add’ on the button next to ‘Allow’
  • Type the URL that you still want to get notifications

2. Stop notifications in Mozilla Firefox

  • Click the three lines in the right corner of the browser
  • Select ‘Privacy Protection’ then click ‘Manage Settings’
  • Select the’ Privacy & Security ‘option then scroll down to find’ Permission ‘and touch’ Settings’ on the text next to ‘ Notifications’
  • Select the website for which you want to keep notifications, or if you want to delete all notifications select ‘Remove All Websites’

3. Stop notifications in Safari

  • Open Safari> Preferences
  • Click on Websites
  • Click on ‘Notifications’ on the left
  • All websites that have requested notification will appear, you just choose which website you still want by selecting ‘allow’.
  • If you want to temporarily stop all website notifications, you can select “Do Not Disturb” at the top left.