Tips for Choosing a Laptop for Video Editing


One segment that is busy being targeted by laptop manufacturers is content creators, because reportedly the demand for laptops in this segment is fairly large. The content creators referred to here for example are photographers, graphic designers, 3D animators, and video editors. So, laptops with specifications such as what is needed for such jobs? Processor and RAM These are the two components that are arguably the most important for laptop content creators. Most of the applications they use are optimized to be able to utilize modern CPUs with a large…

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How to Stop Website Notifications in a Browser

Website browser

Sometimes it appears annoyed when notifications appear from the website when opening search engines such as Google Chrom e, Mozilla Firefox , or Safari . But still, there are steps to stop the website from giving these notifications. Quoted by The Verge , here’s how: 1. Stop notifications on Google Chrome Click the dot three in the browser on the right hand corner and select ‘settings’ Scroll down and click’ Advanced ‘then click’ Site Settings’ Select ‘Notifications’ Click’ Ask before sending (recommended) until it changes to writing ‘Blocked’ You can…

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